Prayer vs. Pills


In this time of progressive medicine and experimental therapy, prayer often takes a backseat to healing.  Issues of the heart, mind and body (whether you are speaking in spiritual terms or physical terms) can be “fixed” with BOTH science and faith.  I have had the privilege of going through difficult periods through out my life and without those my faith and knowledge would not be where they are today.  When it comes to my children and their salvation and well being I can become protective and, yes, defensive at times.  There are so many splinters that can come from a discussion such as this so I will keep within one direction…medication versus trust in God alone.

I have prayed many a prayer since accepting Christ into my life at the age of thirteen but I seldom call on Him when it comes to physical healing.  I’m a very literal and scientific thinker so to completely humble myself, regarding faith, is something that I need more practice with.  My true belief is that God created us to glorify Him and help each other; in order to do so He blessed us with the minds and know-how to produce technology and substances to help us further give Him praise.  This does not mean that we should take what we can and run, rather we should learn, be thankful, grow, share and never turn from God.  In one instant everything that we hold dear and view as important can be taken away, but God’s love and guidance (what we SHOULD hold dear and view as important) will never be taken from us.

My children are extremely different when it comes to age, attitude, approach, triumphs, obstacles and belief.  My daughter is a “typical” teen: pushing the limits set for her, lying, hiding, self conscience, hasty, silly, nieve- but assumes that she knows it all, smart, curious and wants to believe in everything.  She has a good heart underneath the wall that she has constructed. She has developed an entitled self image that has been damaging to her in the past but will hopefully turn into a positive here shortly.  If she felt “entitled” to God’s love more than she felt “entitled” to worldly things then I would have nothing to worry about!  She would be the most Christ-centered teen on the block; but that is not the case.  I take responsibility for her entitled outlook and plan to work harder and smarter to show her the correct view to have on life. She has battled with bouts of depression and prayer along with counseling have been my “medicine cabinet” for her.  Suggestions of anti-depressants and tough love have been offered to me and were never given a second thought but recently I have implemented both in hopes of setting my first born on track.  I’m a mom that performs random room checks, is “all up in their business” and really listens to my gut (God’s voice) so when it came time to revisit the pill (anti-depressant) option, I weighed it heavily with God’s help.

My son is a boy of wonder: of elementary age and full of energy- never ending energy, he is smart, funny, loving, too curious for his own good, a selective listener with an amazing memory, a cranky non-morning person that proceeds with caution in every situation. My boy has struggled with various learning disabilities but has always been willing to try a little harder.  After years of therapy without medication, testing to no end, teaching accommodations, reports and suggestions I have opted to try the medicine route.  Reaching this conclusion was difficult and took some time as I awaited an approval from the Lord.  Awaiting a “sign” from God can try your patience and frustrate you beyond belief when you are watching your child suffer educationally and socially.  I do not agree with medicating children to calm them down but I do believe in medicating them to help them better focus.  Getting a glimpse (byway of science and technology) into how my son’s brain works was enough to spin my thoughts out of control.  If my brain functioned the same way his does I would be exhausted on a minute by minute basis!

As a mother, I want to make sure my children have the best opportunities so choosing to medicate with extreme supervision was no easy option.  The first night of dosing was a long one…I spent most of the night running back and forth between their beds to check their breathing all while praying frantically to God for peace, patience and trust.  I reviewed CPR steps in my mind while keeping my cell phone at my hip- just in case anything went wrong.  So, are pills better than prayer or vise versa?  My thought is that if you keep prayer as the base to any decision then you can’t go wrong.  God will never lead us into something destructive- only we can do that.  If you are a parent, have you struggled with complete faith in any area concerning your children?



Teachable Moments


During the recipe collecting, shopping, packing, wrapping, greeting, and catching up everything can feel like a giant scavenger hunt!  I may not be as close to my extended family as others but I do pay attention.  Teaching my children how to recognize differences, accept and appreciate while understanding “the reason for the season” can be a bit tricky.  Due to a relationship of divorce, holidays are shared and family time can be limited but keeping what’s important at the forefront is my goal.

The education aspect of the holidays can be lost easily as everyone is in “vacation” mode- but things like creating To-Do lists can teach prioritizing and hand writing practice, cooking can teach reading and math, cleaning can teach, well, the obvious!  Writing holiday cards to friends and family encourages thoughtfulness, wrapping gifts helps with fine motor skills and keeping a few worksheets handy never hurts.

Pointing out differences when they are presented can be super helpful when it comes to teaching your kids how to be graceful.  I’ve always told my children that it is OK to disagree with someone and it’s even OK to not like what they are doing or what they may represent but it’s not OK to be disrespectful.  Sarcasm and rudeness can rear their ugly heads when you’re surrounded by loved ones and it’s a struggle for me, at times, to recognize those traits immediately when they show up but keeping what’s important at the forefront remains my goal.

So what’s my reason for the season?  God.  No question.  What do I want my kids to remember and take away from EVERY holiday?  Treat others as you’d want to be treated.  This basic, age old, rule can come in handy during ANY situation and doesn’t have to be reserved just for the holidays.  As a human female, I work on this daily and, yes, I fail often but if there is one thing that I want my children to keep in mind as they grow older- it’s this: Treat others as you’d want to be treated…Happy Holidays!!


Pushy With Care

Have you ever felt so strongly about something that, no matter what, you were going to prove your feelings by any means possible?
A parent (traditionally a mother) has this “intuition” gifted to them whether they trust it or not. I believe that some people view this whispering nudge as their God/s voice or as their conscience…however it comes across to you is your business but it is there for a reason.
During the years of investigation, testing, discovery, disappointment and relief I learned to not only hear my intuition or “gut” but to follow it-especially when it came to my children. My son (who will soon be seven years old) was diagnosed as having mild to moderate dyslexia last year. This, not coming as a big shock, did not feel like the end-all, life-changing answer we were hoping for. I had immersed myself in everything DYSLEXIA for he next few months. I learned as much about the mystery as I could. This type of learning disability had never crossed mind as I had only bothered to study up on Austism, Aspbergers, teaching styles and the all mighty ADHD. 
Had I not trusted my “gut” and pushed in the area of testing, testing and more testing my son would be seen as being lazy in academics or hyper and just not paying attention.
Are there any parents out there that have or have had a negative response to trusting their intuition?

Songs, poems, a miniature TED: Some incredible TEDYouth applications


This event sounds wonderful! Opportunities like this help encourage kids in hobbies and education…that’s simply awesome!

TED Blog

TEDYouth “The Spark” is about to ignite. The annual conference for middle and high school students will take place this Saturday in New Orleans, with 400 teens from across the region gathering to listen to talks from scientists, designers, technologists, explorers, artists and performers — some of them adults and some of them peers.

The attendees for TEDYouth were selected via online applications. And with the conference just five days away, we wanted to give shout-outs to some students who submitted extra credit. Here are just a few of the amazing songs, poems and videos submitted with TEDYouth applications — run with permission, of course.

Not able to attend TEDYouth in the flesh? Never fear! The event will be webcast, live and for free, on Saturday, November 16, from 11am to 6pm CDT in English, Spanish and Arabic. Or, if you’d prefer to make watching a social event, find the 

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A Hidden Generation Is Noticed


I have never been one to stand in front but I have been known to voice my opinions. I always dreamed of growing up in a fast paced city environment, focused only on myself. Needless to say, other plans were hatched that I would not trade for anything. I have had my share of bad moments (some self induced while others were gifted to me) but having a child with extensive learning disabilities is not one of them. This conclusion was reached only after years of digging, researching, praying (yes, I am a Christian), and patience. I grew up in a time of sibling comparison and when the common solution was “growing out of it”. To apply these ways of thought now would be ineffectual. Learning disabilities, like physical disabilities, come in many forms; by writing this blog, I hope to reach like-minded or lost parents experiencing the same situations, scenarios, troubles, and triumphs. Community is one variable that will always have a positive and negative affect on its inhabitants but it’s how those inhabitants choose to act, respond, and help that make up the outcome. With our vast pathways of communication we have expanded our communities and enabled ourselves to grow beyond measures! It would be awesome to ensure that the growth continues for our children!!