Songs, poems, a miniature TED: Some incredible TEDYouth applications


This event sounds wonderful! Opportunities like this help encourage kids in hobbies and education…that’s simply awesome!

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TEDYouth “The Spark” is about to ignite. The annual conference for middle and high school students will take place this Saturday in New Orleans, with 400 teens from across the region gathering to listen to talks from scientists, designers, technologists, explorers, artists and performers — some of them adults and some of them peers.

The attendees for TEDYouth were selected via online applications. And with the conference just five days away, we wanted to give shout-outs to some students who submitted extra credit. Here are just a few of the amazing songs, poems and videos submitted with TEDYouth applications — run with permission, of course.

Not able to attend TEDYouth in the flesh? Never fear! The event will be webcast, live and for free, on Saturday, November 16, from 11am to 6pm CDT in English, Spanish and Arabic. Or, if you’d prefer to make watching a social event, find the 

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A Hidden Generation Is Noticed


I have never been one to stand in front but I have been known to voice my opinions. I always dreamed of growing up in a fast paced city environment, focused only on myself. Needless to say, other plans were hatched that I would not trade for anything. I have had my share of bad moments (some self induced while others were gifted to me) but having a child with extensive learning disabilities is not one of them. This conclusion was reached only after years of digging, researching, praying (yes, I am a Christian), and patience. I grew up in a time of sibling comparison and when the common solution was “growing out of it”. To apply these ways of thought now would be ineffectual. Learning disabilities, like physical disabilities, come in many forms; by writing this blog, I hope to reach like-minded or lost parents experiencing the same situations, scenarios, troubles, and triumphs. Community is one variable that will always have a positive and negative affect on its inhabitants but it’s how those inhabitants choose to act, respond, and help that make up the outcome. With our vast pathways of communication we have expanded our communities and enabled ourselves to grow beyond measures! It would be awesome to ensure that the growth continues for our children!!