Teachable Moments


During the recipe collecting, shopping, packing, wrapping, greeting, and catching up everything can feel like a giant scavenger hunt!  I may not be as close to my extended family as others but I do pay attention.  Teaching my children how to recognize differences, accept and appreciate while understanding “the reason for the season” can be a bit tricky.  Due to a relationship of divorce, holidays are shared and family time can be limited but keeping what’s important at the forefront is my goal.

The education aspect of the holidays can be lost easily as everyone is in “vacation” mode- but things like creating To-Do lists can teach prioritizing and hand writing practice, cooking can teach reading and math, cleaning can teach, well, the obvious!  Writing holiday cards to friends and family encourages thoughtfulness, wrapping gifts helps with fine motor skills and keeping a few worksheets handy never hurts.

Pointing out differences when they are presented can be super helpful when it comes to teaching your kids how to be graceful.  I’ve always told my children that it is OK to disagree with someone and it’s even OK to not like what they are doing or what they may represent but it’s not OK to be disrespectful.  Sarcasm and rudeness can rear their ugly heads when you’re surrounded by loved ones and it’s a struggle for me, at times, to recognize those traits immediately when they show up but keeping what’s important at the forefront remains my goal.

So what’s my reason for the season?  God.  No question.  What do I want my kids to remember and take away from EVERY holiday?  Treat others as you’d want to be treated.  This basic, age old, rule can come in handy during ANY situation and doesn’t have to be reserved just for the holidays.  As a human female, I work on this daily and, yes, I fail often but if there is one thing that I want my children to keep in mind as they grow older- it’s this: Treat others as you’d want to be treated…Happy Holidays!!