For the love…


As another holiday passes and the year comes to an end, I have taken a moment to reflect.  This is something that takes some effort as I am NOT one to sit still or relax for more than thirty minutes at a time.

the roll

My wonderfully sincere husband reminds me, daily, that I am an excellent wife and mother- I love him for that!  Not all females are lucky enough to be in a loving and supportive relationship…this I know from past experiences.  God has placed this charming man in my life for a reason and I am truly grateful. Being the wife of a man that takes time to leave a new roll of toilet paper out is something that I will never take for granted…never!  The fact that my husband keeps me in his thoughts (at all times) leaves me feeling so special.  It’s the small things that I notice and that is what matters.  Happy New Year everyone!!