Pushy With Care

Have you ever felt so strongly about something that, no matter what, you were going to prove your feelings by any means possible?
A parent (traditionally a mother) has this “intuition” gifted to them whether they trust it or not. I believe that some people view this whispering nudge as their God/s voice or as their conscience…however it comes across to you is your business but it is there for a reason.
During the years of investigation, testing, discovery, disappointment and relief I learned to not only hear my intuition or “gut” but to follow it-especially when it came to my children. My son (who will soon be seven years old) was diagnosed as having mild to moderate dyslexia last year. This, not coming as a big shock, did not feel like the end-all, life-changing answer we were hoping for. I had immersed myself in everything DYSLEXIA for he next few months. I learned as much about the mystery as I could. This type of learning disability had never crossed mind as I had only bothered to study up on Austism, Aspbergers, teaching styles and the all mighty ADHD. 
Had I not trusted my “gut” and pushed in the area of testing, testing and more testing my son would be seen as being lazy in academics or hyper and just not paying attention.
Are there any parents out there that have or have had a negative response to trusting their intuition?